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      Accounting standards, Financial information, Marketing strategy, Parameters of financial information, Shareholders [1]
      activity theory, Bedny's theoretical perspective, Google, mental image, private Jordanian university, search engine optimization [1]
      Adaptive selling, cross/up selling, selling skills, social media, Social selling [1]
      Artificial intelligence, Marketing strategies, Organizational behavior, Organizational capabilities, Organizational performance [1]
      Auditory factors, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Restaurants, Visual Factors [1]
      banking, customer loyalty, customers, digital banking, e-marketing, social media marketing [1]
      Brand Image, Positive Word of Mouth, Product Quality, Trust Worthiness, United Arab Emirates [1]
      Brand loyalty, Consumer-based brand equity, Customer experience, Facilitating conditions, Social media marketing [1]
      Business intelligence, Corporate communications management, Digital marketing, Perceived communication, Public relations [1]
      Business Performance Enhancement, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, UAE [1]
      Business Profitability, Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Introduction, Paid Advertising, ROI [1]
      co-movement, developed and emerging countries stock markets, investors’ behavior and psychology, portfolio diversification [1]
      consumer innovativeness, learning process, new product purchase intention, perceived value [1]
      Consumers in Jordan, Digital coupon sales promotion, Online reviews, Online shopping intention, Website design [1]
      COVID-19, Frequency dynamics spillovers, GCC markets, Global financial crisis, Islamic and conventional banks [1]
      Digital Marketing Approaches, EcoConnect, Environmental Awareness [1]
      Jordan, Mobile CRM, Perceived Ease of Use, Post purchase, Usefulness [1]
      Pricing, buying behavior, hypermarkets, product quality, consumer demand [1]