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  • Patients’ views and experiences on the use and safety of directly acting oral anticoagulants: a qualitative study 

    Al Rowily, Abdulrhman; Baraka, Mohamed A.; Abutaleb, Mohammed H.; Alhayyan, Aliah M.; Aloudah, Nouf; Jalal, Zahraa; Paudyal, Vibhu (BioMed Central Ltd, 2023)
    Background: Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) are considered high-risk medications and used to prevent thromboembolic events and stroke. This study aimed to examine patients’ views and experiences of DOACs use and factors ...
  • The Jordanian Population’s Knowledge, Attitudes, and Willingness to Help People with Autism: A Cross-Sectional Study 

    Abuhamdah, Sawsan M. A.; Naser, Abdallah Y.; Al Awawdeh, Safaa (Dove Medical Press Ltd, 2023)
    Objective: To assess the knowledge and attitudes of the general public in Jordan towards autism. In addition, we aimed to assess their awareness of various treatment options for autism, and their attentiveness and willingness ...
  • An efficient optimizer for the 0/1 knapsack problem using group counseling 

    Ghadi, Yazeed Yasin; AlShloul, Tamara; Nezami, Zahid Iqbal; Ali, Hamid; Asif, Muhammad; Aljuaid, Hanan; Ahmad, Shahbaz (PeerJ Inc., 2023)
    The field of optimization is concerned with determining the optimal solution to a problem. It refers to the mathematical loss or gain of a given objective function. Optimization must reduce the given problem's losses and ...
  • The Relationship between Mindfulness and Readiness to Change in Alcohol Drinkers 

    Abo Hamza, Eid; Yoon, Adam; Liu, Liquan; Garg, Anchal; Richard, Yuliya; Frydecka, Dorota; Helal, Ahmed; Moustafa, Ahmed A. (MDPI, 2023)
    Mindfulness is a multi-faceted construct that involves paying attention to thoughts and emotions without automatically reacting and being critical of them. Recent research has suggested that mindfulness might play an ...
  • Interparticle-Coupled Metasurface for Infrared Plasmonic Absorption 

    Ullah, Zaka; Nawi, Illani M.; Al-Hasan, Muath; Junaid, Muhammad; Mabrouk, Ismail Ben; Rehman, Abdul (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2023)
    Plasmonic metasurfaces operating in the long-wavelength infrared region (LWIR) are primarily employed for bio-sensing and imaging applications. The key factor affecting the capability of LWIR metasurfaces is absorption ...

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