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      Direction-of-arrival (DOA), Antenna arrays, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Frequency estimation [1]
      Directorate, Education, Educational supervision, Educational supervisor, Knowledge economy [1]
      Dirichlet conditions, Fractional derivative, Generalized Cattaneo's law, Analytical solutions [1]
      Disabilities, Faculty members, Qualitative research, Saudi universities, Special Education [1]
      Disasters, eyewitness identification, social media, Word dictionary, Decision trees, Deforestation, Disasters, Linguistics [1]
      Disclosure index, information, Islamic banks, Yemen [1]
      Disclosure, Islamic banks, Performance, Two-Stage Least-Square (2SLS), UAE [1]
      Discoursal meaning, Discourse analysis, Intertextuality, Text linguistics, The Quran [1]
      disease associations, fecal transplant, human microbiome, microbial diversity, probiotics [1]
      Disease dynamical model, Existence theory, Numerical results, Variable order differentiation, Fixed point arithmetic [1]
      Disintegration, Dissolution spectrophotometric analysis, Lisinopril, Tablet splitting, Weight variation [1]
      disorganization of actin cytoskeletal network, hypomorphic variant, pip2 accumulation, plcb3, spondylometaphyseal dysplasia with corneal dystrophy (smdcd) [1]
      Distance education, Psychological effects, Social effects guardians’ level of education [1]
      distance learning, impact, pharmacy and pharm. D students, Jordan, satisfaction, The COVID-19 [1]
      Divorce, Islamic Sharia, Personal Statute, Unilateral will of the Husband [1]
      DPPH, flavonoid content, phenolic content, protein bars, proximate analysis, sensory analysis [1]
      Drag, simulation, Mean square error, Numerical methods, Numerical models, Open source software, Open systems, Reynolds number, Direct, numerical [1]
      Drama, Life skills, Reflective thinking [1]
      Drug discovery, Metal-stress; Microorganisms, Novel compounds, Plants [1]
      Drug Information Leaflet (DIL), Non-prescription drug (NPD), Oral Non-Prescription Drug (ONPD), risk factors, university student [1]