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      Ibuprofen, Bioequivalence study, Pharmacokinetics [1]
      ICT subject, iPad, learning gains, perceptions, quasi-experimental, teaching [1]
      Identification, Subcomplexes, Protein, Quantification, Network [1]
      Identity Management Systems, Internet of Thing, UML diagrams [1]
      Image Encryption-Compression, wireless technologies, Occupancy Monitoring, Wi-Fi hotspot [1]
      Immersive technologies in tourism, Interactive sales offices, Mobile augmented reality applications, Tour operator, Travel agency activities [1]
      Impact, Social Media Space, Technology on Audiovisual Production [1]
      inclusive education, meta-analysis, systematic review, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) [1]
      Indian economy, Indian unorganized retail, Kirana shops, Local markets, Pandemic [1]
      Information Society, Information Technology, ICT Development, Arab Countries [1]
      Insider Threats, Fog, Mobile Edge, Cloud, Knowledge Graph, Dependency Graph, Database [1]
      institutional evaluation, neo-institutionalism, quality assurance, regional characteristics, social change, Student evaluation of teaching, student-centeredness, teaching evaluation [1]
      intensive care unit, operating room, planning and scheduling, theory of constraints, ward [1]
      Internet of Things (IoT), RFID, libraries, opportunities, challenges [1]
      Internet of Things, Priority-based routing, Energy consumption, Low-power and lossy networks [1]
      Investment Opportunities, Profit Sustainability Industrial Companies, Profitability [1]
      Islamic banking, investments, economic growth, cointegration, UAE [1]
      Islamic banks, panel data, profitability, voluntary disclosure, Yemen [1]
      ITIL, CobiT, ISO/IEC 27002-2005, Six Sigma, TOGAF, eTOM, CMMI, PCI DSS and Common Security Framework (CSF) [1]