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      Machine learning, Plants health, Terahertz sensing [1]
      Magnetic effect, Natural convection, Rectangular enclosure, Thermal walls [1]
      Magnetohydrodynamics, Mixed convection, Nanofluidics, Ordinary differential equations, Prandtl number [1]
      MANET, Routing, Greedy algorithms, adaptive beaconing, location prediction, geographic routing [1]
      MANOVA, mortality, divorce, unemployment, crime, governorate, year, Jordan, ANOVA, hypothesis test, and means [1]
      Mathematical modeling 28 GHz, 5G technology, Microstrips patch inset-fed antenna, Conductive material thickness [1]
      MDE, Model Transformation, Regression Testing [1]
      Meandered slots, Patch antenna, Resonators, S-parameters [1]
      mechanisms of persuasion, pragmatics, semantic meaning, Structure of linguistic argumentation [1]
      Medical education, Medical students, Stress, Sudan [1]
      Mental distress, Mental health, Social support, University students [1]
      Metasurface, PIN diode, Reconfigurable [1]
      Micropolar ferrofluid, magnetic dipole, MHD, convective heat, slip condition, Joule heating, radiation heat flux [1]
      Microstrip antenna, mmWave, Negative meander line antenna, Wireless communications [1]
      Microwave design, compact circuits, surrogate modeling, domain confinement, principal component analysis, dimensionality reduction [1]
      Microwave design, miniaturized passive components, design optimization, EM-driven design, gradient-based search, regularization [1]
      Microwave devices, Gigabits per second, Half-duplex, Microwave receiver, Near fields, Path loss models, Propagation channel model, Subsea connectors, Underwater connectors, Seawater [1]
      MIMO Antenna, Circular Polarization, Polarization Diversity [1]
      MIMO, Mm-Wave antenna, On-body antenna, S-parameters, Wearable antenna [1]
      Misinformation,, Mohammed Mursi, Abdel Fattah el-sisi, propaganda, Egyptian elections [1]