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      Harmaline, Harmalol, Harmine, Ileum, Peganum Hermala L, Rat, Spasmolytic, β-Carbolines alkaloids [1]
      Health policy, Health services research, Pharmaco-economics [1]
      health services research, patient satisfaction, pharmaceutical HSR, quality of care, quality of life [1]
      Healthcare, Patients, Satisfaction, Service Quality, Social Media, UAE [1]
      herbal medicine usage, natural ingredients, UAE [1]
      Herbal medicines, Jordan, Attitude, Prevalence, Risk factors [1]
      high-ability learners, Mathematics Enrichment Program, PISA, problem solving, students’ [1]
      Hindmarsh-rose model, image encryption, parallel computing, SHA-256 [1]
      Hospital pharmacist, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Service, Pakistan [1]
      HPLC-DAD, Hydrophobic deep eutectic solvent, Parabens, Response surface methodology and central composite design, Solvent bar microextraction, Urine and plasma [1]
      Human capital development, Minimum wage [1]
      Human concept, human rights, Islamic thought, global thought [1]
      Human object interaction, Human pose estimation, Object detection, Sports estimation, Sports prediction [1]
      Humans, Malnutrition, Muscle, Skeletal, Myostatin, Nutritional Status, Renal Dialysis [1]
      Human–Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Data Mining and Machine Learning, Multimedia [1]
      Hybrid biomass-solar system, Multi-effect desalination, Multi-objective optimization, PEM electrolyzer, Renewable energy [1]
      Hybrid nanofluid, synthesized, microorganism, energy stabilization, spinning of cone, nanoparticulate, base fluid, modeled problem, Magnesium oxide [1]
      Hybrid nanoparticles , hyperbolic tangent material, thermal transportation, Cattaneo-Christov flux, heat, (MoS2/Ag), heat transport [1]
      Hydrogel, Pectin, Polymer synthesis, Topical [1]