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      a critical analysis, fingerprint attendance system, Jordanian teachers resistance, leadership [1]
      A. Preform, B. Defects, E. Forming, Non-crimp fabrics, Process modelling, Wrinkles [1]
      Abandoning Arbitration Litigation, Arbitration, Arbitration Agreement, Arbitration Deadline, Invalidity of Arbitration Agreement, Premature Expiration [1]
      ABC Derivative, Analytical Solution, Convergence Analysis, KDV Equation, LADM [1]
      ABC Derivative, Krasnoselskii Theorem, Proportional Delay, Stability Results [1]
      Abietane diterpenoids, Molecular docking, Open test, Sedative effect, Skeleton muscle relaxant activity [1]
      ability grouping, inequality, setting, stratifying, streaming [1]
      Abnormal event classification, gray wolf optimizer, region shrinking, xg-boost classifier [1]
      abnormal returns, cross-border acquisitions, event study methodology, India, mergers and acquisitions, pharmaceutical firms, short term gains [1]
      Absolute sustainability assessment, Carbon budget, Carrying capacity, Life cycle assessment, Planetary boundaries, Science-based target [1]
      Absorption, electron beam lithography, metasurface, optical characterization, plasmonic coupling [1]
      Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), financial performance, financial position, financial technology (FinTech) [1]
      Abuse of Power, Discretionary Power, Good Governance, Judicial Control [1]
      ACA, Access to care, Affordable Care Act, Co-residence, Labour supply, Medical expenditure [1]
      academic achievement, Covid-19 pandemic, English education, online learning, physical and environmental factors [1]
      Academic achievements, Covid-19, E-learning, Graduate students, UAE [1]
      Academic advising, Influence, Major change, Major choice, Undergraduate students [1]
      academic network, bibliometircs, citation analysis, Ranking [1]
      Academic organization, Learning leadership, Long-term and medium-term leadership, Three-factor model of leadership, Transformational leadership, Visionary leadership [1]
      Academic performance, Adolescents, Depression, Family, Peer pressure [1]