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      Facebook, interaction, The Renaissance Dam, young academics [2]
      faculty members, students, Islamic library, law library, digital information resources and services, perception [1]
      Family business, Financial derivatives, Gulf countries, Hedging, Transaction exposure [1]
      Family, Gaza Writes Back, Narrative, Palestine, Resistance literature [1]
      FDE, fractional derivative, mean function, ODE [1]
      FDI, international tourism, labor force, personal remittances [1]
      Feature descriptor, HOG algorithm, Image classification p-norms, X-ray images [1]
      Feature engineering, Rating diversity, Review spam detection, Sentiment analysis, Social networks [1]
      Feature extraction, Feature selection technique, Group method of Data Handling (GMDH) neural network, Particle Swarm Optimization, X-ray tube-based system [1]
      Feature extraction, Three-dimensional displays, Sensors, Image segmentation, Histograms, Training, Kernel 3-D mesh, depth videos,geodesic distance, heat kernel signature, human interaction recognition, RGB videos, topological features [1]
      filter, GSM, neural network, rate race coupler, resonator [1]
      Financial Lease, Jordan, Lessee, Lessor, Option to Purchase, UAE [1]
      Financial performance, Islamic banks, Voluntary disclosure, Yemen, Zakat information [1]
      Financial rewards, Governmental sector, Ideas' contribution, Motivators, Movers [1]
      Financing constraints, investment efficiency, real estate and construction, stochastic frontier analysis [1]
      Finite element analysis 2, Shear lag factor, Shear lag factor model, Tension members, WT-sections [1]
      Firm performance, Omani market, Top executive management characteristics [1]
      Firms liquidity, Fixed and random effect, India, Internal and external determinants, Panel data [1]
      Firms performance, India, Liquidity, Pharmaceutical sector, Profitability [1]
      flipped classroom, flipped instruction, mathematics performance, quasi-experimental study, student-centered active learning, technology-supported flipped learning [1]