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      Depression, Education, Gender, Pharmacy, Social media addiction [1]
      Descriptive Statistics, E-Learning, ICT, Students, Teachers, UAE Model Schools [1]
      design algorithm, low-pass filter, neural network, power divider [1]
      Developed and emerging economies, foreign private investment, generalized least squares, Sustainable economic growth [1]
      Development, future, medicines policy, Saudi Arabia [1]
      Device-to-device, Direct path, Fairness, Multi-hop, Relay nodes, Transmission time [1]
      Diclofenac sodium tablet, First derivative, FTIR spectroscopy, Infrared quantitative analysis, Method development [1]
      Dielectric resonator antenna, Microwave band, Nested square-shape dielectric, Square-shape dielectric, Wideband antenna [1]
      Dielectric rod, Duplex antenna, EMSIW antenna, WLAN band [1]
      Differentiated Teaching, Fourth grade, Reading comprehension skills, Strategy [1]
      Diffusion of mass species, cylindrical flow, Sutterby rheology, variable thermophysical properties, thermal radiation [1]
      Digital financial literacy, Financial autonomy, Financial capability, Financial skills, Impulsivity, Perceived well-being [1]
      Digital Marketing Approaches, EcoConnect, Environmental Awareness [1]
      Digital payment solution, Electronic payment system, Financial inclusion, Gulf Cooperation Council, Open innovation, Quadruple helix, Regional economy [1]
      digital-to-analog converter, noise shaping, quantization error feedback modulator, sigma-delta modulation [1]
      dinaphthodiospyrol S, Diospyros kaki, Docking analysis, Extract, Xanthine oxidase activity [1]
      Direct oral anticoagulants, DOACs, Interviews; Medication errors, Patient experience, Patients, Qualitative research [1]
      Direct-acting anticoagulants, DOAC, Factor Xa inhibitors, Medication errors, Pharmacists, Qualitative research [1]
      Direction-of-arrival (DOA), Antenna arrays, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Frequency estimation [1]
      Directorate, Education, Educational supervision, Educational supervisor, Knowledge economy [1]