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      Academic achievements, Covid-19, E-learning, Graduate students, UAE [1]
      Academic advising, Influence, Major change, Major choice, Undergraduate students [1]
      academic network, bibliometircs, citation analysis, Ranking [1]
      Academic organization, Learning leadership, Long-term and medium-term leadership, Three-factor model of leadership, Transformational leadership, Visionary leadership [1]
      Academic performance, Adolescents, Depression, Family, Peer pressure [1]
      Academic performance, Applications, Humans, Mental health problems, Social media, University students [1]
      academic performance, coronavirus, COVID-19, demographic characteristics, distance learning, face-to-face learning [1]
      academic performance, Covid-19 pandemic, factors, online class, students [1]
      Academic Performance, Jordan, Learning, Structural Equation Modelling, YouTube Culture [1]
      ACC/AHA (American College of Cardiology / American Heart Association) guideline, Hypertension, JNC 8 (The Eighth Joint National Committee) guideline [1]
      acceptance model, ECT, educational sector, TAM [1]
      Acceptance, Attitude, Covid-19, Knowledge, Vaccination, Vaccine hesitancy [1]
      acceptance, awareness, COVID-19 vaccines, hemodialysis, hesitancy, high-risk, Pakistan [1]
      Access to medicines, Drug, Essential medicines, Health insurance, Health services accessibility, Insurance, Legislation, Middle income country, Pharmaceutical policy, Pharmaceutical services, Universal health coverage, Universal health insurance [1]
      accident & emergency medicine, epidemiology, neurology [1]
      Accidentally spilled oil, Biomaterials, International convention, Pollution, Sorbent, Spilled oil, Sustainable development [1]
      Accounting standards, Financial information, Marketing strategy, Parameters of financial information, Shareholders [1]
      accuracy, diabetes, machine learning algorithms, Matthew’s correlation coefficient, PIMA diabetes dataset, Python, WEKA [1]
      Accused, Court, Judge, Judicial institutions, Public relations [1]
      Acquired brain injury, Clinical hypnosis, Clinically relevant changes, Cognitive rehabilitation, Everyday functioning, Medical hypnosis, Self-efficacy, Working memory capacity [1]