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      C2N, sensors, gases ,electrodes ,channel, high sensitivity, safety , Quantumwise Atomistix Toolkit (ATK) [1]
      Canada’s government, COVID-19, leadership approaches, leadership practices [1]
      cancer care informatics, cancer care process modelling, cancer care sociotechnical systems, goal-oriented modelling, home health care, framework, palliative care, social requirements modelling, Universal health coverage, UNSDGs [1]
      Cancer detection, Computed tomography, DICOM, Wavelet features, Wavelet transform [1]
      Cancer detection, Computed tomography, Laplacian filter, Lung cancer, Texture features [1]
      cancer survivors, cardiotoxicity, long-term chemotherapy adverse events, neurotoxicity, pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia,secondary tumors [1]
      Cancer, 3D-cell culture, 2D-cell culture, cellular microenvironment activity [1]
      Cancer, Contrast agents, Microfluidics, Nanomedicine, Theranostic nanoplatforms [1]
      cancer, geriatrics, inappropriate medications, omitted medications, START, STOPP [2]
      capital investment, physical investment, theoretical review [1]
      Capital structure, Econometrics, GMM, India, Speed of adjustment panel data, Z- Score [1]
      Capital structure, Firms, GMM, India, Liquidity, Panel data, Tobin-Q [1]
      Caputo fractional model, COVID-19, Stability analysis, Real data, Quarantine and isolation, Environmental impact, Parameter estimations, Simulation [1]
      Caputo fractional order derivative, Fractional order Swift-Hohenberg equation, Laplace Adomian decomposition method [1]
      Caputo operator, Decomposition technique, Fractional order CRDE, LADM. [1]
      Caputo–Fabrizio fractional derivative, Fractional differential equation, Laplace Adomian decomposition method (LADM), Measles spread model [1]
      Carbamoylmethyl ester, Anti-inflammatory, Prostaglandin E2 , Inhibitory properties [1]
      Carbon Emission, Clean Energy, Foreign Direct Investment [1]
      Carbon Emissions, Economic Complexity, Economic Growth, Tourism, Usage of Energy [1]
      Carbon Emissions, Foreign Direct Investment, Renewable Energy Consumption, Sustainable Development Goals, Tourism, Urbanization [1]