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      B-C connection, CFRP composites, Hysteresis, Joint, Lateral cyclic loading [1]
      backward bifurcation, centre manifold theory, Epidemiological model, numerical simulations, optimal control, SARS-CoV-2 virus, sensitivity, steady states [1]
      Backward linkages, Competitiveness, Forward linkages, Input-output model, Key sectors [1]
      Balanced food, Basketball playing centers, Nutritional behavior, Nutritional supplements, Sports nutrition, Sports training [1]
      Bandpass filters, Microwave filters, Satellites, Ultra-wideband, Wireless local area networks (WLAN), Microstrip filters, Satellite communications, Wireless application, Satellite communication systems [1]
      Bandwidth, Bending tests, Fractals, Internet of things, Microwave antennas, Multiobjective optimization, Radiation efficiency [1]
      Bandwidth, Computer terminals, Crystal resonators, Microwave antennas, Mobile antennas, Mobile telecommunication systems, Natural frequencies, Resonators [1]
      Bandwidth, Electric impedance, Energy harvesting, Microstrip antennas, Microwave antennas, Rectennas, Slot antennas Antenna geometry, Circular slot antennas [1]
      Bangalore principles, E-documents, Eli/unidroit, Information security, Litigation records, Principle of publicity and right of defense, Remote litigation [1]
      Bangladesh, causality, Co-movement, Islamic and conventional stock indexes [1]
      Bangladesh, Central bank, Centralized shariah supervisory board, Challenges, Islamic banks [1]
      Bangladesh, Convergence, Manufacturing industries, Stochastic frontier, Technical efficiency, Total factor productivity [1]
      Bangladesh, Destination personality, Tourist health risk, Tourist hesitation, Tourist knowledge, Tourist perception [1]
      Bangladesh, GDP, SANCOVA model, Seasonal effect, Tourists’ arrival [1]
      Bangladesh, humidity, SANCOVA model, SARIMA, seasonality [1]
      Bangladesh, Islamic banks, Sharīʿah governance, Sharīʿah Secretariat [1]
      Bank loans, trade credit channel, financial efficiency, macroeconomic factors [1]
      bank-specific factors, banks’ liquidity, GMM estimation, India, macroeconomic determinants [1]
      Bank-specific, GMM, India, macroeconomic, nim, panel data, profitability [1]
      Banking performance, Banking regulations, Financial performance, SGMM [1]