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      galacto oligosaccharides, inulin, iron deficiency anemia, iron fortification, prebiotics [1]
      Gastric electrical activity, Laparoscopy, Minimally invasive, Slow wave, Smooth muscle [1]
      Gastric electrical activity, Smooth muscle, Activation map, Velocity [1]
      gastroprotective, antioxidant,Suaeda fruticosa, mucin contents [1]
      GCC, academic libraries, digital resources [1]
      Gender, Intellectual growth, Jordan, Six Thinking Hats, Thinking abilities, Vocational education [1]
      Generation Z, Human behaviour, Jordan, Social TV, Technology Acceptance Model, Theory of Planned Behaviour [1]
      Genetic algorithm, hand gestures recognition, human gestures recognition principal, human locomotion activity recognition, human–computer interaction, inertial sensors, linear discriminant analysis, principal component analysis, stochastic neighbor embedding [1]
      Global and local Moran statistics, Governorates of Iraq, Mapping, Spatial autocorrelation [1]
      Global positioning system, Human locomotion activity recognition, Inertial sensors, Smartphone data [1]
      Good functioning of criminal justice, networks, presumption of innocence, public opinion, publishing, Social media [1]
      Graduate attributes, higher education, Knowledge-based society, United Arab Emirates [1]
      Graphene, Graphene devices, Plasmonic metamaterials, Resonance; Resonators [1]
      Green consumption, organic food, pro-environmental behavior, pro-social behavior [1]
      Gulf Cooperation Council, health economics, Pharmacoeconomics, QHES, quality, quality of literature [1]
      gyms, health awareness, health culture, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, stimulants [1]