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      Perception, Pharmaceutical care, Qualitative study, Nurse, Patient care [1]
      PGE2 , inhibitory properties, N-phenylcarbamothioylbenzamides, indomethacin, gastric ulcer, ulcerogenic [1]
      Pharmacists, Physicians, Nurses, Healthcare providers, Burnout, COVID-19, Factors, Jordan, Hospital, Qualitative [1]
      Pharmacoresistant epilepsy, Real time-PCR, Rs12782374G/A, Rs928553T/C [1]
      Pharmacy practice research, Evidence‑based practice, Middle East, Arab countries, Recommendation [1]
      pharmacy, telecommunications, telehealth, telemedicine, telepharmacy [1]
      Physical education, E-Learning, Tactical aspects, Tactical thinking, Decision making, Basketball [1]
      Phytochemical, docking, antioxidant, enzyme inhibition, bioactive molecules [1]
      pitavastatin, pitavastatin and efficacy, Pitavastatin and efficacy and randomized clinical trials, pitavastatin and safety, pitavastatin and safety and randomized clinical trials [1]
      Plasma lipid, hyperin-flammation, COVID-19, infection, temporary hypertriglyceridemia [1]
      political instability, macroeconomic factors, bank-specific factors, ROA, ROE, Yemen, Islamic banks [1]
      Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Drug's Solubility, vitro dissolution studies, bioavailability, soluble drug entities [1]
      Power management, Renewable energy, V2g framework [1]
      Practical work, Science concept, Science instruction, Science process skills [1]
      Procedural necessity, primary investigations, criminal procedure law, freedoms of citizens [1]
      Protective Confinement, nominative shares, Civil proceedings law, Commercial companies' law [1]