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      Labor, Health Economics, Economics, Labor Market, Affordable Care [1]
      Lax's Seventh order Kortiweg Devaris equation and Seventh order Sawada Kotera equation, Optimal Axillary Function Method (OAFM) [1]
      Learner-centered, competency-centered, accounting information systems, digital accounting, syllabus [1]
      Learning disabilities, Mathematics, NCTM standards, Perceptions, Professional development, Special education teachers [1]
      Learning Leaders, Learning Organizations, Path-Goal Theory [1]
      Learning management systems, Moodle, electronic journal file, Moodle plugin, student success, student behavior [1]
      Length of heliostats, Length ratio, Security distance, tower height [1]
      Libya, oil and gas sector, production sharing agreement (PSA), Taguchi method [1]
      Libyan PR, PR curricula, PR professionalism, Public relations teaching [1]
      Linguistics, affixes, second language acquisition, incidental learning, Arabicspeaking EFL learners, morphological awareness [1]
      Linguistics, cognitive semantics, second-language acquisition, metonymy, Arabic-speaking EFL learners [1]
      Lisinopril, PBPK, Pediatric, PK-Sim MoBI®, Area under the curve [1]
      Load forecasting, machine learning, load shedding, root mean squared error, mean absolute percentage error. [1]
      Loneliness, Self-esteem, Self-efficacy, College students, UAE [1]
      Losartan potassium, Mimosa pudica mucilage, Nanoparticles, Sustained effect [1]
      Loyalty, Privacy, Relationship Development Process, Relationship Marketing, Relationships, Self- Disclosure, Trust [1]