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      3D graphics, Distance learning, education, game engine, games for learning [1]
      Activation, inactivation, individual differences [1]
      Adoption, Covid-19, education, India, Online teaching, TAM, teachers [1]
      Alef, Boclips, Connect, educational platforms, eighth grade, scientific concepts, smart applications, United Arab Emirates [1]
      Analogical thinking, analogy, students' attainment, teaching physics, transfer skills [1]
      Anxiety, critical thinking, foreign language learning, educational, Thinking Skills, Creativity [1]
      Arabic language teachers, argumentative writing skills, online environments, persuasive writing [1]
      Arabic letters, letters shapes, letters sounds, reading acquisition, Teaching [1]
      Arabic-speaking EFL learners, Facebook, Mechanics of writing, Technology in learning, Twitter [1]
      artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT, education, educational technologies [1]
      Assessment Policy, Bi-factor Model, Policy Implementation, Teacher’s Satisfaction [1]
      attitude, computer proficiency, e-learning, electronic assessment, gender, language [1]
      Attitudes, phenomenology, science, science teacher, STEM education [1]
      Bio-ecological Systems Theory, distal interactions, PPCT, proximal interactions, school belonging, school climate [1]
      Challenges and concerns, online education, teachers and parents [1]
      ChatGPT, EFL pre-service teachers, professional development, structural equation modelling, technology acceptance model (TAM) [1]
      code-switching, effect, EFL classroom, function, Teachers' perceptions [1]
      Collaboration, Effective Teaching, Regular Education, Special Education [1]
      Communication accommodation theory, Gender, Practicum, Pre-service teachers, Schools [1]
      competencies, emotional intelligence, higher education; knowledge, performance effectiveness, structural equation modelling [1]