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      Academic Performance, Jordan, Learning, Structural Equation Modelling, YouTube Culture [1]
      Arab countries, University education, Curriculum, Teaching, Qualitative research, Mass media and communication, Educational system [1]
      Artificial intelligence, Education, Matrix factorization, United arab emirates, Users’ metadata [1]
      Artificial Intelligence, iPhone, mobile-computing, Siri, United Arab Emirates, voice assistance [1]
      Attitude towards adoption of SNS, Compatibility, Marketing performance, Perceived ease of use, Social media marketing activities, Supply chain management [1]
      Augmented Reality, Higher Education, Media and Communication, Palestine Student Perception [1]
      Brand Awareness, Public Relations; Social media, Trust, Word of Mouth [1]
      Carroll’s Model, Corporate Social Responsibility, Practices maturity, telecom sector [1]
      Child sexual abuse, children’s rights advocacy, newspapers, Pakistan, social responsibility [1]
      Cognitive linguistics, Corpus, Cultural linguistics, Media, Metaphor [1]
      Competencies, Diversity, Intercultural Communication, Organizational [1]
      Computer aided design, Islamophobic, Mobile and ubiquitous computing, Natural language processing,News stories, Sentiment analysis [1]
      Cyber troll detection, LightGBM, Logistic regression, Machine learning, Naive bayes, Online harassment, Random forest, SVM, Text classification [1]
      engagement, relationship benefits, social media, social relationships, trust [1]
      Facebook, interaction, The Renaissance Dam, young academics [2]
      Generation Z, Human behaviour, Jordan, Social TV, Technology Acceptance Model, Theory of Planned Behaviour [1]
      Impact, Social Media Space, Technology on Audiovisual Production [1]
      jordanian speech community, pinned Facebook statuses, speech acts [1]
      Libyan PR, PR curricula, PR professionalism, Public relations teaching [1]
      Misinformation,, Mohammed Mursi, Abdel Fattah el-sisi, propaganda, Egyptian elections [1]