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    • COVID-19 Booster Doses: A Multi-Center Study Reflecting Healthcare Providers’ Perceptions 

      Salah, Hager; Sinan, Israa; Alsamani, Omar; Abdelghani, Lamyaa Samir; ElLithy, May Hassan; Bukamal, Nazar; Jawad, Huda; Hussein, Raghda R. S.; Elgendy, Marwa O.; Rabie, Al shaimaa Ibrahim; Khalil, Doaa Mahmoud; Said, Amira S. A.; AlAhmad, Mohammad M.; Khodary, Azza (MDPI, 2023)
      (1) Background: During 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic was threatening healthcare services and workers, and acquiring immunity was an option to stop or limit the burden of this pandemic. Herd immunity was a top priority worldwide ...