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      cancer care informatics, cancer care process modelling, cancer care sociotechnical systems, goal-oriented modelling, home health care, framework, palliative care, social requirements modelling, Universal health coverage, UNSDGs [1]
      Cancer, Contrast agents, Microfluidics, Nanomedicine, Theranostic nanoplatforms [1]
      Case fatality rate, coronavirus disease 2019, nonsurvivors, predictive risk factors, survivors [1]
      Cell phones, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Epidemic, Fomite, Mobile phone sanitisation, Mobile phones, Pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, Trojan horse, Ultraviolet-C, “third-hand” [1]
      childhood, Eastern Mediterranean, influenza, parental attitude, parental hesitancy, vaccination [1]
      clinical learning environment, nursing students’ perception, undergraduate nursing students [1]
      Clinical monitoring, computer security, developing country, digitization, Editorial, health care delivery, health care facility, health care system, health hazard, health workforce [1]
      Coding sequence, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Secondary structure, Single nucleotide polymorphisms, Sub-cellular localization [1]
      colibactin, colitis, colorectal cancer, DNA damage, genotoxicity, human microbiome, inflammation, phage induction [1]
      Communication, Hospitals, Physicians and patients, Treatment decision-making [1]
      Community pharmacists, Disposal medications, Expired medications, Medication waste [1]
      Community pharmacists, Hospital pharmacists, Interprofessional education, Pharmaceutical care services [1]
      community pharmacy, environmental barrier, personal barrier, pharmacist [1]
      Continuing education, Perception, Pharmacists, Predictors, United Arab Emirates [1]
      Corona virus COVID-19, Fixed point approach, Fractional Adams-Bashforth method, Numerical solution [1]
      Coronary disease, COVID-19, Hypertension [1]
      COVID-19 dynamic, Epidemic model, Neural networks, Radial Base functions, SITR Model [1]
      COVID-19 outbreak, life aspects, health measures, economy, educational challenges [1]
      COVID-19 pandemic, Distress symptoms, Mental health, Online learning, United Arab Emirates [1]
      COVID-19, COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 vaccine barrier, SARS-CoV-2, side effects, vaccine acceptance, vaccines [1]