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      Acceptance, Attitude, Covid-19, Knowledge, Vaccination, Vaccine hesitancy [1]
      acceptance, awareness, COVID-19 vaccines, hemodialysis, hesitancy, high-risk, Pakistan [1]
      Acquired brain injury, Clinical hypnosis, Clinically relevant changes, Cognitive rehabilitation, Everyday functioning, Medical hypnosis, Self-efficacy, Working memory capacity [1]
      Acute lung injury, Lipoxygenase pathway, NF-κB p65, Oxidative stress, Pro-inflammatory cytokines, RAW 264.7 macrophage [1]
      adherence to medication, asthma, pharmacy refill reco, questionnaire [1]
      Adult, article, community pharmacist, continuing education, cross-sectional study, data analysis software, disaster medicine, human, human experiment, interview, pharmacy (shop) [1]
      Adverse drug events, Adverse drug reactions, Medication Errors, patient safety, reporting of medication issues [1]
      AI, asthma, machine learning, prediction accuracy [1]
      allergic rhinitis, COVID-19, eye symptoms, facemask, nasal symptoms [1]
      allosteric inhibitor, aryl nitrile, docking, Mpro, SARS-CoV-2, structure-based virtual screening [1]
      allosteric sites, antiviral, COVID-19, druggability, Mpro, SARS-CoV-2 [1]
      Ammonia sensors, Bilayer planar heterojunction, Gas sensors, Silicon phthalocyanine, Thin-film electronics, Thin-film processing [1]
      Anestrus, Biochemical profile, Cows, Hormone, Subestrus [1]
      Animals, Cholesterol, Ecosystem, Fungal Proteins, Humans, Insulin, Uric Acid [1]
      anti-bacterial agents, antibiotic household disposal, antibiotic misuse, antimicrobial resistance, health knowledge, literacy, practice, Self-medication [1]
      anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, immunomodulatory, Lactobacillus, microbiome [1]
      antibiotic resistance, bacterial contamination, COVID-19 pandemic; disinfection, mobile phones [1]
      antimicrobial activity, degradation; heterojunction, methylene blue, solid state [1]
      Antimicrobial stewardship program, Attitude, Barriers, Healthcare prescribers, Knowledge, Pharmacists [1]
      Antioxidant activity, Artemisia judaica, Drying methods, Essential oil, PCA [1]