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    • A cross-sectional survey on the experience of people with allergic rhinitis amidst COVID-19 pandemic: The impact of the facemask: A pilot study 

      Al Mazrouei, Nadia; Elnour, Asim Ahmed; Hajal, Abdalla Abou; Sadeq, Adel; Al Kubaisi, Khalid Awad; Hammouri, Raneem; Ishbair, Ola; Dabbagh, Nour; Alkwarit, Alin; Alkaabi, Maisoun; Menon, Vineetha; Beshir, Semira Abdi; Baraka, Mohamed A.; Khidir, Israa Yousif; Hussein, Samah Mohammed; Al Amoodi, Abdulla; Abdalla, Sami Fatehi (Grupo de Investigacion en Atencion Farmaceutica, 2023)
      Background: Since outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, almost whole world asked to wear the facemask especially in the public areas as a precaution to avoid the transmission of the disease, and curbs the pandemic. Looking from ...