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      admission control, distributed systems, real-time requirements, resources' allocation, System-of-systems [1]
      Algorithms, Evolutionary algorithms, Optimization, Optimization problems, Textile dyeing industry [1]
      Arabic text classification, Artificial bee colony, feature selection, wrapper feature selection [1]
      Boosting, Convolutional neural networks, Data models, DenseNet-fully convolutional network, electricity theft detection, Feature extraction, Fraud, gated recurrent unit, light gradient boosting method, Logic gates, Machine learning, machine learning, Meters, oversampling, smart grids, Smart grids [1]
      Breast cancer, Mammogram images, Mass lesion, Statistical filter, Texture features [1]
      breast ultrasound images, computer-aided diagnosis, deep learning edge-detection models, deep learning object-detection models, medical ultrasound imaging, region-of-interest localization [1]
      Broker, Content-based routing, FPGA, Hardware processing, Internet of things, Interoperability, Publish/subscribe, Versatility, Xml, Xpath [1]
      Classification algorithm, human action recognition, machine learning, Masi entropy, motion sensors [1]
      classification,computed tomography (CT), computer-aided diagnostic system (CAD, deep learning,genetic algorithm (GA), gray wolf optimization (GWO), lung cancer, medical image diagnosis, segmentation, transfer learning [1]
      CNN, Fire detection, Lightweight architecture, Transfer learning, Wildfire [1]
      Component allocation, Heterogeneous systems, Model-driven engineering, Multi-objective optimization [1]
      Convolution neural network, cybersecurity, deep learning, Internet of Things, intrusion detection [1]
      data fusion, marine big data, ocean environment, underwater image processing, underwater saliency detection [1]
      data privacy, deep learning, machine learning, medical image processing [1]
      Deep learning, Explainability, Fake reviews, Fake reviews detection, Feature engineering [1]
      Fuzzy logic, Hybrid neuro-fuzzy, Mobile robot, Neural networks, Unstructured environment [1]
      Hindmarsh-rose model, image encryption, parallel computing, SHA-256 [1]