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      A. Preform, B. Defects, E. Forming, Non-crimp fabrics, Process modelling, Wrinkles [1]
      ABC Derivative, Analytical Solution, Convergence Analysis, KDV Equation, LADM [1]
      ABC Derivative, Krasnoselskii Theorem, Proportional Delay, Stability Results [1]
      Absorption, electron beam lithography, metasurface, optical characterization, plasmonic coupling [1]
      academic network, bibliometircs, citation analysis, Ranking [1]
      Accidentally spilled oil, Biomaterials, International convention, Pollution, Sorbent, Spilled oil, Sustainable development [1]
      accuracy, diabetes, machine learning algorithms, Matthew’s correlation coefficient, PIMA diabetes dataset, Python, WEKA [1]
      Activation energy, Magnetic field and entropy generation, Mixed convection, Nano fluid, Tangent hyperbolic fluid [1]
      Adama wind farm II, Deep learning, Ethiopia, LSTM and GRU models, Renewable energy, Wind speed forecasting [1]
      agreement optimization, game theory, Maxi-min solution, Nash solution, negotiation, oil companies, oil fields [1]
      AIoT, computer vision, deep learning, fruits and vegetable detection, graphical user interface, weighing system [1]
      Alkali-activated mortar, Fly ash, Rate of strength development, Slag, Sorptivity, Sustainability, Water absorption [1]
      analytic method, article, heat, heating, job analysis, magnetic field, motion, thermodynamics [1]
      Analytical solution, Enzyme kinetics, Fixed point approach, Fractional derivatives, Mathematical models [1]
      Approximation algorithms, Artificial bee colony algorithm, Artificial bee colony algorithm, Convergence, hamming distance, Hamming distances, Heuristic algorithms, Linear programming, multiple-choice multidimensional knapsack problem, Search problems, surrogate relaxation [1]
      Article, electric field, hydrodynamics, Laplace transform, magnetic field, miscibility, velocity [1]
      Artificial intelligence (AI), Behavioral sciences, Cameras, Drones, Greenhouses, Indoor/outdoor deployment, Surveillance, Surveys, Target tracking, Target tracking systems, Task analysis, Uncertain movement [1]
      Artificial intelligence, Dual-energy radiative source, Homogenous flow regime, RBF neural network, Scale layer, Three-phase flow [1]
      artificial neural network, co-efficient of performance, short-term prediction, time series prediction, wind speed [1]
      Artificial potential field, Battery degradation, Hybrid energy storage system, Power smoothing [1]