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      2SLS, developing economies, globalization, income equality [1]
      additional constraints, applications, bin packing problem (BPP), Cutting and packing, rectangular shape [1]
      Agriculture sector, ARDL, Economic growth, Green revolution, Tornqvist-Theil index, Total factor productivity [1]
      Air Pollutants, Economic Growth, Environmental Performance, Kuznets Curve [1]
      Air pollution, Environmental awareness, Environmental education, Greenhouse gas emission, Sustainable development, Water shortage [1]
      ANN, Decomposition, Economic growth, Macro-economic variables, Modelling, Smoothing, Time–series [1]
      ASEAN, Bootstrapping cointegration, Environmental degradation, Trade liberalization [1]
      asymmetric GARCH models, bibliometric analysis, literature review [1]
      asymmetric, average rainfall, CO2 emissions, livestock, mean temperature, Pakistan, precipitation [1]
      Attitudinal loyalty, Behavioral loyalty, Corporate social responsibility, Economic responsibility, Ethical and legal responsibility, Philanthropy responsibility [1]
      Backward linkages, Competitiveness, Forward linkages, Input-output model, Key sectors [1]
      Bangladesh, Destination personality, Tourist health risk, Tourist hesitation, Tourist knowledge, Tourist perception [1]
      Bangladesh, GDP, SANCOVA model, Seasonal effect, Tourists’ arrival [1]
      Bangladesh, humidity, SANCOVA model, SARIMA, seasonality [1]
      Benefits, Impacts, Logistics, Tourism [1]
      Blockchain technology, green entrepreneurship, green innovation, green economy, sustainability [1]
      BRICS, Economic policy uncertainty, Innovation, Research and development, Trademark registration [1]
      Burkina Faso, discrete choice modeling, education, food security, poverty, sustainable development [1]
      Carbon Emissions, Household Consumption, Japan, Urban Cities [1]
      Central Asia, Foreign remittances, poverty reduction, Russia, Tajikistan [1]