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      Academic organization, Learning leadership, Long-term and medium-term leadership, Three-factor model of leadership, Transformational leadership, Visionary leadership [1]
      Administrative corruption, Culture, Institutional weakness, Organizational culture, Political instability, Social class [1]
      AHP, Business, Economics, Finance, Health economics, India, Management, Policy coverage, Risk analysis, Risk management, Risks, Social insurance [1]
      alignment hypothesis, emerging market, family ownership concentration, family-controlled firms, real earnings management [1]
      ARDL, Energy consumption, Financial development, South Asian countries, Sustainable environmental economic growth [1]
      Artificial neural network, COVID-19, Exports, Forecasting, Hybrid, Models [1]
      Asian stock market, emerging markets, market spillover, returns spillovers [1]
      asymmetric volatility, financial assets, model comparison, univariate Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity models [1]
      Attitude, Bangladesh, Environmental concern, Green energy technology, Green innovation, Rural entrepreneurs [1]
      authentic–stringent leadership, contingency approach, ethical–tournament leadership, Millennial workforce, servant–tolerant leadership [1]
      Barrier, Career, Developing country, Motivation, Outcome, Pakistan, Process, Sustainability-focused business, Sustainable entrepreneurship [1]
      Barriers, Blockchain Technology, DEMATEL, Supply Chain; Sustainability [1]
      Belongingness, diversity, fairness, inclusion practices, industry, innovation, organization size, organization type, uniqueness [1]
      bibliometric analysis, correlation, ordinary least square regression, Socially responsible investment, thematic clustering [1]
      board of directors, corporate governance, COVID-19, financial performance, pandemic [1]
      Brain drain, Canada'S leadership, Conflict of interest, Real estate market [1]
      Business competitiveness, Creativity, Entrepreneurship education, Knowledge manage-ment, Sustainable development [1]
      Business environment, financial constructs, organizational culture, performance, UAE [1]
      Business Intelligence tools, Commercial banks, Financial report quality [1]
      Canada’s government, COVID-19, leadership approaches, leadership practices [1]