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      Abnormal event classification, gray wolf optimizer, region shrinking, xg-boost classifier [1]
      Agile methodology, Large projects [1]
      Air pollution, Brain, Computational efficiency, Empirical mode decomposition, Forecasting, Intrinsic mode functions, Long short-term memory, Ozone [1]
      Apriori-Association, Cross-line judgment, Deep learning, Head tracking, Hough Circular Gradient Transform and Fused intra-inter trajectories [1]
      Artificial intelligent, deep learning, handwritten method, machine learning, text recognition [1]
      Artificial neural network, Machine learning, Software defect prediction [1]
      Aspect Extraction, Attention Mechanism, Contextual Position Information, Deep Learning Multi-channel, Feature extraction, Gated Recurrent Unit, Logic gates, Part of Speech, Recurrent neural networks, Semantics, Sentiment analysis, Sentiment Analysis [1]
      aspect extraction, consistency tree, contextual position information, multichannel convolutional neural network, Sentiment analysis, word embedding [1]
      Base stations; Behavioral research, Computer software, Deep learning, Forecasting, Multiobjective optimization, Quality of service, Reusability, Wireless networks, Allocation problems, Component [1]
      Bat optimization, Human crowd behavior (HCB), Improved entropy (IE), Jaccard similar-ity, Multi-person counting, Particles gradient motion (PGM) Speeded up robust features (SURF) [1]
      Big data, the IoT, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, deep learning [1]
      Biomechanics, Cancer, Cytoskeletal structures, Kinematics, Muscles, OpenSim, Simulation models, Skeletal system, Software technologies [1]
      Biosurveillance systems, Edge cloud data management, Fog computing, Mobile edge computing [1]
      circuit optimization, circular polarization, coplanar waveguide, MIMO antenna, polarization diversity [1]
      Clustering, Modified self-organizing map, Object detection, Particle flow; People counting and tracking [1]
      Codebook generation, human activity recognition, multilayer perceptron, physical life routines, smartphone sensors [1]
      Coloured Petri Nets, Component allocation, Embedded systems, Heterogeneous systems, Model-driven engineering [1]
      Component allocation, model-driven engineering, embedded systems, heterogeneous systems, genetic algorithms, ant colony optimization [1]
      congestion, Roundabout, traffic simulation [1]
      Deep learning, feature engineering, lexical feature, machine learning, sentiment quantification [1]