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      3D point cloud, fiducial points, human-object interaction, K-ary tree hashing, pixel labeling, semantic segmentation, super-pixels [1]
      5G mobile communication systems, Cache management, Edge resources, Innovative solutions, Intelligent resource management, Mobile network operators, Network-based, Next generation Internet, Software-defined networks, Internet of thing [1]
      5G networks, machine learning security, security in deep learning [1]
      Aerial imagery, fully convolutional network, human–object interaction classification, parts-based model, remote sensing [1]
      Angular geometric features, Decision tree classifier, Human activity recognition, Probability based incremental learning, Ridge detection [1]
      Annular regime, arrow-shaped, artificial intelligence, capacitive sensor, concave, optimization, sensitivity, two-phase [1]
      Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, smart buildings, Smart Grid (SG) [1]
      artificial intelligent, augmentation, brain tumor classification, deep learning [1]
      Artificial neural network, human-human interaction, humanobject interaction, k-ary tree hashing, machine learning [1]
      Artificial neural networks, bluetooth connection, inertial sensors, machine learning, virtual reality exergaming [1]
      autonomous underwater vehicles, CEER, Co-UWSN, NBEER, neighbor head node selection [1]
      Basic reproduction number, COVID 19, Linearization theory, Lyapunov function, Mathematical model, Numerical simulations, Stability analysis [1]
      Bert, Multiple choice questions, Natural language processing, Text analysis, Tf-idf [1]
      blockchain, data storage optimization, decentralized applications, health system and access, homomorphic encryption, IoT, lightweight authentication, permissions-based system, smart city [1]
      Body-worn sensors, filter, healthcare monitoring, hidden Markov models, locomotion detection, machine learning, noise reduction, patterns recognition [1]
      brain tumor, classification, deep learning, healthcare, magnetic resonance imaging, neural network, pre-trained models [1]
      brain tumors, Deep Learning, healthcare, magnetic resonance imaging, neural network, pre-trained models, tumor classification [1]
      Caputo operator, Decomposition technique, Fractional order CRDE, LADM. [1]
      CEEMDAN, EEMD, GCN, Time series forecasting [1]
      challenges, Digital forensic, emerging solutions, forensic investigation process, internet of things, internet of things forensics [1]