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      Absolute sustainability assessment, Carbon budget, Carrying capacity, Life cycle assessment, Planetary boundaries, Science-based target [1]
      Analysis, Deviatoric, Linear, Moment, Multi, Regression [1]
      Artificial neural networks (ANN), K-nearest neighbors (KNN), Travertine rock, Tree model, Uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) [1]
      Artificial neural networks, Building codes and standards, Recycled aggregate concrete, Shear span-depth ratio, Shear strength [1]
      Artificial neural networks, Prestressed concrete, Transfer length [1]
      Axially loaded piles, Bi-linear model, Load- displacement curves, Pile capacity, Pile end resistance, Pile shaft, Piles in sand, Tri-linear softening model [1]
      B-C connection, CFRP composites, Hysteresis, Joint, Lateral cyclic loading [1]
      bentonite clay, curing, georadar, grouting, mechanical shaking, sand road layers, shear strength, slurry, stabilization [1]
      Burden shift, Case study, Dwellings, Impact assessment, LCA, Midpoint, Wood [1]
      Carbon fiber reinforced plastics, Concrete beams and girders, Ductility, Energy absorption, Fiber reinforced materials, Hybrid materials, Strengthening (metal), Reinforced concrete [1]
      Cement-based composites, Environmental impact, Furnace bottom ash, Standardization, Sustainability [1]
      CFRP confinement, CFT columns, Cyclic lateral loading, NLFEA, Sulfate damage [1]
      conductivity, construction materials, diffusivity, specific heat, TPS [1]
      construction activities, Environmental risk, turbidity, water quality [1]
      Dampers, FEM, Footbridges, TMD, Vibrations [1]
      Daylight, Fuzzy logic, Occupancy level [1]
      early strength, effective microorganisms, fly ash, microstructures, wastes glass [1]
      Energy fifth keyword, Fuzzy logic, Indoor thermal comfort, PID controller [1]
      Energy, Indoor air quality, Institutional building, Mould growth, Solar desiccant cooling, Subtropical [1]
      expansive soil, nanoclay, sonic waves, stabilizer, swell index [1]