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    • A 10-Ports MIMO Antenna System for 5G Smart-Phone Applications 

      Ullah, Rizwan; Ullah, Sadiq; Ullah, Raza; Faisal, Farooq; Ben Mabrouk, Ismail; Al Hasan, Muath Jodei (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020)
      This paper presents a 10-ports hybrid multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna system for 5G Smartphone applications. The proposed antenna system comprises two types of antenna modules: (1) multi-band module consists ...
    • Compacted Conformal Implantable Antenna with Multitasking Capabilities for Ingestible Capsule Endoscope 

      Alamgir, Muhammad Yousaf; Ben Mabrouk, Ismail; Faisal, Farooq; Zada, Muhammad; Bashir, Zubair; Akram, Adeel; Nedil, Mourad; Yoo, Hyoungsuk (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020)
      This study presents a multi-band conformal antenna based endoscopic system for robust biotelemetry communications, which covers five important bands, including the MedRadio (401–406 MHz), Industrial, Scientific, and ...
    • A novel multi-band and multi-generation (2G, 3G,4G, and 5G) 9-elements MIMO antenna system for 5G smartphone applications 

      Ullah, Rizwan; Ullah, Sadiq; Faisal, Farooq; Ullah, Raza; Mabrouk, Ismail Ben; Al Hasan, Muath Jodei; Kamal, Babar (Springer, 2021)
      In this study, a 9-elements hybrid MIMO (multiple input multiple output) antennas system is developed for 5G Smartphone communication.The designed MIMO system is composed of two different antenna parts i.e. the multi-band ...