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    • A low-profile hybrid multi-permittivity dielectric resonator antenna with perforated structure for Ku and K band applications 

      Zubir, Ihsan Ahmad; Othman, Mohamadariff Arif.; Ullah, Ubaid; Kamal, Shahanawaz; Ab Rahman, Mohd Fariz; Hussin, Roslina; Bin Mohamed Omar, Mohamad Faiz; Mohammed, Abdullahi S.B.; Bin Ain, Mohd Fadzil; Ahmad, Zainal Arifin; Abdullah, Mohd Zaid (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020)
      A wideband hybrid dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) consisting of a rectangular slot patch and a perforated stacked cylindrical dielectric resonator (DR) is proposed. A rectangular slot was etched on the grounding side ...
    • A novel negative meander line design of microstrip antenna for 28 GHz mmWave wireless communications 

      Kamal, Shahanawaz; Mohammed, Abdullahi S. B.; Bin Ain, Mohd Fadzil; Ullah, Ubaid; Hussin, Roslina; Arifin Ahmad, Zainal; Othman, Mohamadariff; Ab Rahman, Mohd Fariz (Czech Technical University, 2020)
      The increasing applications for nomadic computing have experienced enormous development over the preceding decade. This has eventually caused the lack of bandwidth. Therefore, to accomplish the need of consumers, compact ...
    • Wheel-shaped miniature assembly of circularly polarized wideband microstrip antenna for 5G mmWave terminals 

      Kamal, Shahanawaz; Bin Ain, Mohd Fadzil; Ullah, Ubaid; Mohammed, Abdullahi S.B.; Najmi, Fathul; Hussin, Roslina; Ahmad, Zainal Arifin; Bin Mohamed Omar, Mohamad Faiz; Ab Rahman, Mohd Fariz; Mahmud, Mohd Nazri; Othman, Mohamadariff (Elsevier B.V., 2021)
      A simple arrangement of wheel-shaped copper microstrip antenna is presented for operation in the 24 GHz frequency band. In this structure, a coaxial feed probe was utilized to generate vertical polarization, and a wheel-shaped ...