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    • Design of Wideband Circular-Slot Antenna for Harvesting RF Energy 

      Muhammad, Surajo; Smida, Amor; Waly, Mohamed Ibrahim; Mallat, Nazih Khaddaj; Iqbal, Amjad; Khan, Sadeque Reza; Alibakhshikenari, Mohammad (Hindawi Limited, 2022)
      The design of a wideband circular-slot antenna for RF signal harvesting is reported in this work. The proposed design frequency range accommodates the leading contributors to the available RF signals accessible by the RFEH ...
    • A multiband SSr diode RF rectifier with an improved frequency ratio for biomedical wireless applications 

      Muhammad, Surajo; Waly, Mohamed Ibrahim; AlJarallah, Nasser Ali; Ghayoula, Ridha; Negm, Ahmed S.; Smida, Amor; Iqbal, Amjad; Tiang, Jun Jiat; Roslee, Mardeni (Nature Research, 2023-12)
      This paper described a four-band implantable RF rectifier with simplified circuit complexity. Each RF-rectifier cell is sequentially matched to the four operational frequencies to accomplish the proposed design. The proposed ...