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    • IVF Children Acquiring Emirati Citizenship by the Nationality of a Parent (Jus Sanguinis) 

      Al-Enizi, Ziad; Mahameed, Waleed Fouad (Ibn Sina Trust, 2023)
      Objective. The technology of in vitro fertilization (IVF) opened a new era in the treatment of infertility but at the same time it created new challenges for civil and international private law. This concerns the issues ...
    • Prevent environmental damage during armed conflict 

      Jaffal, Zeyad Mohammad; Mahameed, Waleed Fouad (University of Tyumen, 2018)
      International humanitarian law consists of different rules that are used for protecting people and restricting the methods of warfare. The application of international humanitarian law is not only limited to the protection ...
    • Protection of employees in international employment contracts 

      Al-Enizi, Ziad Kh.; Mahameed, Waleed Fouad (Virtus Interpress, 2023)
      This study investigated the level of labor protection as per the international labor contract. Thus, the way applicable law is applied to international labor relations in Jordan and other Arab countries such as Kuwait and ...