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    • The Influence of Lighting, Noise, and Temperature on the Academic Performance of Students amid Covid-19 Pandemic 

      Hoang, Phuong Nguyen; Samara, Maisoon; Shannawi, Sami; Dayupay, Johnry P.; Jarrah, Hani; Olvida, Cheryl F.; Layco, Eddiebal P.; Solina, Alfe M.; Maglente, Sanny S.; Luna, Alson Rae F.; Capulso, Leonilo B.; Tabiolo, Cinder Dianne L.; Ras, Sixto N. (Society for Research and Knowledge Management, 2022)
      The Coronavirus outbreak disrupted the global economy and human social activities, including schooling. Because of the worldwide school closure, face-to-face lessons have been stopped. Students desire to participate in ...