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    • Drinking motives as a predictor of readiness to change alcohol use 

      Moustafa, Ahmed A.; Alvinia, Nadia P.; Liu, Liquan; Richard, Yuliya; Hanafy, Ali A.; Bagadood, Nizar H.; Hamza, Eid Abo (Springer, 2023)
      Drinking motives have been identified as important predictors of alcohol consumption. Similarly, the degree of readiness to change (RTC) can predict behavioral changes when drinking alcohol. However, the link between ...
    • The Relationship between Mindfulness and Readiness to Change in Alcohol Drinkers 

      Abo Hamza, Eid; Yoon, Adam; Liu, Liquan; Garg, Anchal; Richard, Yuliya; Frydecka, Dorota; Helal, Ahmed; Moustafa, Ahmed A. (MDPI, 2023)
      Mindfulness is a multi-faceted construct that involves paying attention to thoughts and emotions without automatically reacting and being critical of them. Recent research has suggested that mindfulness might play an ...