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    • A New Noise Shaping Approach for Sigma-Delta Modulators Using Two-Stage Feed-Forward Delays and Hybrid MASH-EFM 

      Ijaz, Khalid; Adnan, Muhammad; Toor, Waqas Tariq; Butt, Muhammad Asim; Idrees, Muhammad; Ali, Usman; Hassan, Izaz; Ghadi, Yazeed Yasin; Awwad, Fuad A.; Abonazel, Mohamed R.; Ashraf, Syed Rehan (MDPI, 2023)
      Sigma-delta modulators use a noise-shaping technique to curtail the noise power in the band of interest during digital-to-analog conversion. Error feedback modulator employs an efficient noise transfer function for time ...
    • Wound Rotor Synchronous Motor as Promising Solution for Traction Applications 

      Hussain, Asif; Baig, Zafar; Toor, Waqas Tariq; Ali, Usman; Idrees, Muhammad; Shloul, Tamara Al; Ghadi, Yazeed Yasin; Alkahtani, Hend Khalid (MDPI, 2022)
      Traction applications, such as electric and hybrid vehicles, require the electrical motor to be operated at low load conditions during most of their driving cycle. Permanent magnet (PM) motors in this case may not be an ...