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    • Relation between myostatin levels and malnutrition and muscle wasting in hemodialysis patients 

      Ibrahim, Amal H.; Kasim, Sammar A.; Ezzat, Alshimaa A.; Ibrahim, Noha E.; Hassan, Donia A.; Ibrahim, Amira Sh; Abouelgreed, Tamer A.; Abdo, Ehab M.; Aboelsoud, Naglaa M.; Abdelmonem, Nermeen M.; Alnajem, Mohammad Thabet; Aboomar, Ahmed A. (PubMed ID, 2023-12-20)
      BACKGROUND AND AIM: Malnutrition is one of the most troublesome comorbidities among hemodialysis patients (HD). Myostatin (MSTN) belongs to the transforming growth factor-β superfamily. In HD patients, MSTN effects are not ...