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    • A new approach to fractional differential equations 

      Alrabaiah, Hussam; Hussain, Sultan; Awan, Abdul Sami; Zeb, Anwar; Shah, Kamal; Abdeljawad, Thabet (Serbian Society of Heat Transfer Engineers, 2023)
      In this work, we define fractional derivative of order ς > 0, with no restrictions on the domain of the function, and give its geometry. We derive some rules and properties for the proposed new approach and show that if ...
    • On coupled system of drug therapy via piecewise equations 

      Shah, Kamal; Abdeljawad, Thabet; Alrabaiah, Hussam (World Scientific, 2022)
      This paper is devoted to establish some theoretical and computational results for a coupled system of drug therapy process. The considered problem is investigated by using the concept of piecewise modeling. We apply piecewise ...
    • On existence and stability results for pantograph fractional boundary value problems 

      Alrabaiah, Hussam; Ali, Gauhar; Ali, Amjad; Shah, Kamal; Abdeljawad, Thabet (World Scientific, 2022)
      In this paper, we investigated some essential provisions for the existence and stability of the solution to integral boundary value problems with proportional delay of fractional order Atangana-Baleanu-Caputo (ABC) derivative. ...