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    • Design of 1-Bit Digital Subwavelength Metasurface Element for Sub-6 GHz Applications 

      Kazim, Jalil ur Rehman; Ur-Rehman, Masood; Al-Hasan, Muath; Ben Mabrouk, Ismail; Imran, Muhammad Ali; Abbasi, Qammer H. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020)
      This paper proposes a novel 1-bit, electronically reconfigurable, subwavelength metasurface unit cell for sub-6 GHz applications. 180° phase shift is achieved by integrating a single PIN diode in the structure. The unit ...
    • Machine learning enabled identification and real-time prediction of living plants’ stress using terahertz waves 

      Zahid, Adnan; Dashtipour, Kia; Abbas, Hasan T.; Mabrouk, Ismail Ben; Al-Hasan, Muath; Ren, Aifeng; Imran, Muhammad A.; Alomainy, Akram; Abbasi, Qammer H. (China Ordnance Industry Corporation, 2022)
      Considering the ongoing climate transformations, the appropriate and reliable phenotyping information of plant leaves is quite significant for early detection of disease, yield improvement. In real-life digital agricultural ...