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      capital investment, physical investment, theoretical review [1]
      Capital structure, Econometrics, GMM, India, Speed of adjustment panel data, Z- Score [1]
      Capital structure, Firms, GMM, India, Liquidity, Panel data, Tobin-Q [1]
      Carbon footprint, Economic development, Economy-carbon nexus, Environmental Quality, Financial growth, Pollution [1]
      Cashless Society, Digital economy, Digital payment solution, Electronic payment system, Global economy, Open innovation [1]
      commodities, connectedness, G7 and BRIC markets, Russia and Ukraine conflict, TVP-VAR [1]
      Companies’ ages, Demonetization, Financial performance, India, Kruskal test, Wilcoxon test [1]
      Company Age, Company Profitability, Company Size, Dividends, Institutional Ownership [1]
      conditional correlation, conventional and Islamic stock market, volatility spillover [1]
      control of corruption, Country governance, political stability, trade-credit [1]
      Corporate financial performance, Herding behavior, Peer effect, Trade credit policy [1]
      Corporate governance, Financial performance, GMM estimation; Liquidity ratios, Moderation effect [1]
      corporate investment, financial development, GCC countries, GMM, macroeconomic [1]
      COVID-19, EGARCH, financial markets, GARCH, GJR-GARCH, volatility [1]
      CR revenues, Dynamic spectrum allocation, Licensed incentive, Utilization-dependent Spectrum Price [1]
      Credit policy, Financial performance, Payables, Receivables [1]
      credit risk, Jordanian banks, default loans, internal explicit knowledge, logistic analysis. JEL Classification: E51, G32, D81, E47 [1]
      cross-sectional, panel, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), financial ratios, banks operating, financial statements [1]
      Crude oil, Shariah compliant index, VIX, Volatility spillover [1]