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      Bangladesh, causality, Co-movement, Islamic and conventional stock indexes [1]
      Bangladesh, Central bank, Centralized shariah supervisory board, Challenges, Islamic banks [1]
      Bangladesh, Islamic banks, Sharīʿah governance, Sharīʿah Secretariat [1]
      Bank loans, trade credit channel, financial efficiency, macroeconomic factors [1]
      bank-specific factors, banks’ liquidity, GMM estimation, India, macroeconomic determinants [1]
      Bank-specific, GMM, India, macroeconomic, nim, panel data, profitability [1]
      Banking performance, Banking regulations, Financial performance, SGMM [1]
      Banking regulations, Dodd-frank act, FDIC insurance, Fiduciary activities, Financial reporting, Governmental oversight [1]
      banking, bibliometrics, co-occurrence analysis, financial distress, systematic review [1]
      banking, Islamic banking, poverty reduction, AHP, critical factors, India [1]
      Bankrupt, scenario, liquidation, financial rehabilitation, reorganization [1]
      Behavioral economics, Discrete choice model, Entrepreneurial finance, Entrepreneurship, Financial inclusion, Small business finance [1]
      Bibliometric Analysis, Digital remittance, Financial inclusion, Formal banking, Mobile money, Spatial analysis [1]
      Blockchain, Central bank, Credit supply, Digital currency, Financial stability [1]
      Bombay stock exchange, exchange rate fluctuations, gold prices, macroeconomic volatility, NARDL model with dynamic multipliers, oil prices, unit root test with structural breaks [1]
      BRICS, C58, F36, financial integration, G11, G15, Granger causality, impulse response function, Johansen-Juselius cointegration test, portfolio diversification, variance decomposition analysis [1]