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      abnormal returns, cross-border acquisitions, event study methodology, India, mergers and acquisitions, pharmaceutical firms, short term gains [1]
      Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), financial performance, financial position, financial technology (FinTech) [1]
      Adoption, awareness, banking sector, banks, convenience, cost, internet of things, IoT, privacy, safety, social influence [1]
      agricultural sector, financial deepening, manufacturing sector, sectoral growth [1]
      Amman Stock Exchange, bank size, capitalization, GMM, market risks, profitability [1]
      Analyst herding, China, Investor sentiment, Stock price crash risk [1]
      anchoring and adjustments bias, availability bias, big five personality traits, confirmation bias, investor experience, representativeness bias [1]
      Anomalies, Emerging Economies, GARCH, Islamic Equity, Ramadan, Shariah Index [1]
      ARDL with bound testing approach, BDS test for non-linearity, Effect of terrorism on stock indexes, Global financial crisis and stock indexes, Macroeconomic volatility and stock indexes, Time series modelling [1]
      Artificial intelligence, Banking, Challenges, Fintech, Opportunities [1]
      artificial intelligence, bibliometric analysis, biblioshiny, blockchain, Fintech, innovation, [1]
      ASE, automation, financial technology, performance, sustainability [1]
      ASE-listed firms, Chemical industry, Environmental, economic, and social dimensions, Financial reporting quality, Pharmaceutical industry, Sustainability accounting [1]
      ASEAN-5, exchange rate, panel based ARDL, panel based NARDL model, pooled mean group approach (PMG), stock market behaviour [1]
      Asian economies, Corporate tax rates, Financing policy, Gmm estimator, Investment decisions [1]
      Asymmetric granger causality analysis, Cross-sectional augmented IPS unit root, Exchange rate and stock prices, Global financial crisis, Non-linear panel ARDL, South Asian stock indexes [1]
      asymmetric volatility, financial assets, model comparison, univariate Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity models [1]
      asymmetrical Granger causality, exchange rate, global financial crisis 2008, heterogeneous nonlinear panel ARDL model, Hsiao test of heterogeneity; stock indexes [1]