Recent Submissions

  • A Distributed and Secure Self-Sovereign-Based Framework for Systems of Systems 

    Abou-Tair, Dhiah el Diehn I.; Haddad, Raad; Khalifeh, Ala’; Alouneh, Sahel; Obermaisser, Roman (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2023)
    Security and privacy are among the main challenges in the systems of systems. The distributed ledger technology and self-sovereign identity pave the way to empower systems and users’ security and privacy. By utilizing both ...
  • Analysis of IoT Security Challenges and Its Solutions Using Artificial Intelligence 

    Mazhar, Tehseen; Talpur, Dhani Bux; Shloul, Tamara Al; Ghadi, Yazeed Yasin; Haq, Inayatul; Ullah, Inam; Ouahada, Khmaies; Hamam, Habib (MDPI, 2023)
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a well-known technology that has a significant impact on many areas, including connections, work, healthcare, and the economy. IoT has the potential to improve life in a variety of contexts, ...
  • Blockchain and Fog Computing for Cyber-Physical Systems: The Case of Smart Industry 

    Bouachir, Ouns; Aloqaily, Moayad; Tseng, Lewis; Boukerche, Azzedine (IEEE Computer Society, 2020)
    Blockchain has revolutionized how transactions are conducted by ensuring secure and auditable peer-to-peer coordination. This is due to both the development of decentralization, and the promotion of trust among peers. ...