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      Antioxidant activity, Artemisia judaica, Drying methods, Essential oil, PCA [1]
      Antioxidants; Cytotoxicity, E. aleppica, E. heirosolymitana, E. petiolata, E. prostrata, MDA-MB-231 (HTB-26TM) [1]
      Anxiety, COVID-19, Cross-Sectional Studies, Depression, Humans, Malaysia, Mental Health, Pandemics, SARS-CoV-2, Stress, Psychological, Students, Universities [1]
      Aqueous environment, Atomic stability, Coronavirus, Molecular dynamic simulation, Standard condition [1]
      Arab countries, COVID-19, Government, Level of satisfaction, Middle East, Perception [1]
      Arabian Peninsula, climate change, desert microbiota, functional prediction, high-throughput sequencing, metagenomic [1]
      arthrities, autoimmune diseases, dysbiosis, microbiome, MS, SLE, T1D [1]
      artificial intelligence, automation, data integration, data privacy, implementation science [1]
      Artificial intelligence, Education, Jordan, Medicine, Pharmacy, Students [1]
      Asia, COVID-19, Education, Grit, Middle east, Pharmacy, Students [1]
      asthma, exacerbation, influenza, influenza vaccine, morbidity [1]
      Attitude of Health Personnel, Cross-Sectional Studies, Disasters, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Humans, Surveys and Questionnaires, United Arab Emirates [1]
      attitude, community, epilepsy, Jordan, knowledge [1]
      Attitude, COVID-19, Cross-sectional, Knowledge, Pharmacists, Practice, UAE [1]
      attitude, COVID-19, Jordan, perceived stress, preventive measures, vaccines [1]
      Attitude, Practice, Self-Medication, Side effects, Source of information [1]
      Attitudes, Barriers, Community pharmacists, Continuous Education, Preferences [1]
      Attitudes, Barriers, COVID-19, E-learning, Experiences, Facilitators, Pharmacy student's, Preparedness [1]
      Audience response system, Bloom's taxonomy, Interactive learning, Student's perception [1]
      Audiovisual Production, Social Media, socialisation, drug problems, COVID-19 [1]