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      Caputo operator, Decomposition technique, Fractional order CRDE, LADM. [1]
      CEEMDAN, EEMD, GCN, Time series forecasting [1]
      challenges, Digital forensic, emerging solutions, forensic investigation process, internet of things, internet of things forensics [1]
      Charging (batteries), Neural networks, Vehicle-to-grid, Artificial neural network modeling, Hybrid approach, Potential benefits, Power grids, Power quality improvement, Research studies, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) [1]
      Classification (of information), Clustering algorithms, Euclidean distance measure, Instance based learning, Information retrieval, Value distance metric [1]
      Climate Forecasting, GHG, Soil change [1]
      cloud computing, co-creation, collaborative participation, crowd wisdom, human–computer interaction, Internet, social crowd visualization, social media interaction [1]
      CMMI, CobiT, ETOM, ISO 9000, ISO/IEC 17799, Malcolm baldrige, Six sigma [1]
      CNN-LSTM, data pre-processing, deep learning, digital twin, discharging characteristics, lithium-ion batteries, state of health [1]
      Combinatorial, Evolutionary algorithm, Evolutionary algorithmx, GCO, Knapsack, Machine learning, Optimization [1]
      Computer aided design, Islamophobic, Mobile and ubiquitous computing, Natural language processing, News stories, Sentiment analysis [1]
      computer vision assistance, multimodal perception, personalized learning path planning, robot decision making, transformer model, virtual robot teaching assistant [1]
      Convolutional neural network, deep learning, long short-Term memory, machine learning, protein secondary structure, protein secondary structure prediction [1]
      Correlation methods, Electronic commerce, Forecasting, Matrix algebra, Matrix factorization, Nearest neighbor search, Online systems, Recommender systems, Item similarity, Matrix factorizations, Pearson correlation, Similarity measure, Social media, User rating, Users similarities [1]